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ukraine's president petro poroshenko calls all moscow for a joint patrol of the border just hours after accusing russia of invading ukraine says all reports of russian troops on ukrainian ground unfounded. well these are live pictures from new york this is where an emergency session on ukraine's crisis is underway at the u.n. security council that meeting was called for. hundreds of people trying to storm the general staff building in central kiev demanding the president be impeached as the army suffers major losses in the restive east. the us government is after some three hundred americans to be fighting with islamic
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state jihadists and iran and syria will be looking into why the group is enjoying such a wide ranging feel. welcome and i'm see a lot of you watching r.t. international now will start with details of an emergency session of the u.n. security council is now underway in new york it was called for by ukraine's president after he accused moscow of invading his country the russian envoy vitaly churkin is speaking right now let's listen it was only a step in for the situation because the truce was predicated by capitulation of the insurgents and this against a backdrop of any real steps towards the beginning of a little process or negotiations with representatives of the regions where is the inclusive national dialogue burma's by q four constitutional reform
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decentralization over authority or a special status for the russian language try to the only thing we're seeing is a fight against dissent where political parties are banned and the media that doesn't toe the line just bear and. brazen version good as often made peace sound and peaceful statements just yesterday this this was his comment of the outcome of the high level meeting in minsk and i'm quoting the main goal of key of this peace we demand decisive action that could bring peace to the ukraine end of quote now he also spoke of some kind of new urgent to peace at least land where is this plan or is this another maneuver to distract attention while in fact trying to solve the situation by force we hope that the key of authorities will not. lose the positive. opportunities of the minsk meeting and we think that the korean armed forces in fact have trampled on north standards of humanitarian
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law and they have been. shelling civilian quarters are using artillery. munitions with phosphorus and other weapons in the area of the so-called anti-terrorist operations there are four million people living hundreds of thousands of people sit in basements for weeks without water electricity food or anything and of medicine the overall number of those killed is over two thousand and their number is increasing geometrically the number of displaced people including refugees from ukraine to the to russia is already over eight hundred fourteen thousand people on the media you hear about the terrible losses of the korean army this is confirmed by the mass protests on ukraine against mobilization hundreds of ukrainian soldiers for different reasons find themselves on the territory of russia we give them food or drink we care for them we send them back
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to crane we expect the same kind of humane attitude of the kiev authorities towards russian airborne troops that have been the subject of much speculation of the past twenty four hours at the same time it is said that they were. stop there so while they have their documents and their weapons were not armed this certainly does look like an armed group taking part in conflict everyone knows that there are russian volunteers on the east of the eastern parts of the queen no one is hiding that. we'd like to see similar transparency shown by other countries for example. maybe our american colleagues can tell us about what the tens of american advisors who are in the building of the ukrainian security council are doing or how many so-called the ukrainian mercenaries from a so-called the military enterprises are waging war thousands of kilometers away from their land where did the sick ukrainian security forces get the latest weapons . the american ambassador said what kind of message kim would we send to russia's
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neighbors well i would suggest that we send a message to washington. interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign states stop trying to undermine a regime that you don't mix restrain your geopolitical ambitions when not only then not only russia's neighbors but many other countries around the world that would be the sign of relief furthermore stop. taking advantage of the topic of the malaysian airliner that was shut down until now only russia has made significant contributions to investigating this tragedy all the others are only. here hints we hear we hear speculation and we don't get any through information or for example why. why haven't the you know thirty provided the. records of. their air traffic control as conversations are still going to some reason we don't
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know why. recently in spite of significant resistance certain members of the security council the first russian humanitarian convoy was delivered to. under the auspices of the international red cross today we are preparing for the sending of a second convoy of a new agreement on this was confirmed today. in a telephone call between the foreign minister lavrov and foreign minister of ukraine distinguished members of the security council we have to remember that the council is not there to disseminate guest workers accumulation or. spread i q's ations but to find solutions to crises today we suggest and up in the following statement for the press of the security council on i'm asking the secretary to disseminate to the english text which i mean it was read in russian the members of the security council expressed their serious concern about the
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deteriorating situation in the south east of the crane and called an immediate and unconditional cease fire members of the security council called on inclusive political dialogue in the ukraine based on the geneva declaration of seventeen april two thousand and fourteen and the joint berlin declaration of the second of july twenty fourth seen in this context they noted the role of the contact group and strongly urged on the immediate resumption of the process in the framework of a contact group members of the security council called on the international community to step up their efforts in order to provide humanitarian assistance to the population of the done that's going to leave guns regions of ukraine and text the statement to the press by the security we suggest voting on this statement now today at this table thank you very much. i thank the representative of the russian federation for his statement i shall now make
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a statement in my capacity as the representative of the united kingdom i was the first and envoy to the un vitaly churkin speaking that an emergency meeting at the u.n. security council called for by ukrainian family every. pleated any allegations of russian troops on ukraine soil stressing that ukraine has made no real steps towards appeasing the situation in the east and he stressed that it's essential to maintain the peaceful and positive tone of tuesday's international meeting that took place in minsk and the russian envoy also called upon the united states to stop interfering in the affairs of other states said the number of refugees coming out of ukraine has been growing geometrically of thousands of civilians are living in bomb shelters in east ukraine and just minutes before he took the floor u.s. ambassador to the u.n. samantha power called for more pressure on moscow over what she called the lies coming from russia she also stressed that ukraine has been looking for a political solution to the crisis. well the murders the session of the un security
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council was called for by ukraine that was after president poroshenko claimed that russia was invading his country russia's defense ministry says that these allegations bear no relation to reality and later on poroshenko also suggested that russian and ukrainian troops patrol the border together with strong rhetoric comes against the backdrop of a powerful counter offensive by anti-government forces in ukraine's restive eastern regions you can see on our map here the area where the militias of forced back the army troops paula slee are joins us now live from done yet sgt good to see you again paula it sounds a bit like mixed messages then coming from the ukrainian leader. well they said they are mixed messages coming from kids the latest comments from the ukrainian president petro poroshenko a suggestion of cooperation for ukrainian and russian troops to jointly patrol the ukrainian russian border so that no kind of military hardware can pass through now
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this is hot on the heels of an earlier direct accusation that he leveled at russia accusing russia of invading ukraine. we were never supposed to do because of the escalation of the situation in the donetsk region and because of the french rule in gratian of ukrainian territory by the russian army i have decided to cancel my visit to turkey. now russia has repeatedly denied that it is giving any kind of military. and he government might is a spokesperson for the united nations secretary general has said that it cannot be verified that they are russian troops inside ukraine there is some acknowledgement amongst the antigovernment fight is that there are any number of russian volunteers fighting within their ranks. motherhood there were three to four thousand of them among us many of them have already left home even more still here at least some
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have been killed many of those russian going to is a former soldiers. over there. now the ukrainian claims that russia is providing assistance to the anti-government fighters comes at a crucial time this is a time when the fighters are making advances and managing to push the ukrainian military back from some of the previously held positions this anti government commando also made the point that the army was carrying out what he sees as a counter to the base of operations to protect the nation. from the ukrainian military you also say that they would target in populated areas critical infrastructure such as water gas and electricity supplies so that the lad essentially would be miffed burned now there was a barrage of rockets that hit downtown to nate's earlier today we arrived they just moments afterwards we saw at least two dead bodies one was a woman who was manning in kiosk another was a person who was standing at a bus stop there was hysteria there was panic we were there when people started
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emerging from day shelters and they came really to find ways attentional homes that had been completely damaged the whole front of buildings had been destroyed it was shattered glass everywhere a lot of anger a lot of despondency and a lot of frustration amongst people here in eastern ukraine. politics they will speak to them very shortly but for now i'll just take a moment to look at what is happening in other parts of the dead yet screecher some of the fiercest fighting has been underway in the town of a low voice. paramilitary national guard is fighting alongside the army was surrounded by government militias here are pictures that have been posted online by the national guard who have reportedly suffered serious losses right as of now being surrounded almost a week receiving no support from here. and here are pictures that we've been getting from central kier this is where hundreds of people have apparently attempted to storm the general staff building they were stopped by police
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protesters that have been demanding the impeachment of the president over what they are calling the ongoing slaughter of troops in a low voice let's go back and speak again authorities fall asleep in poor we've just been looking at some of the other battlefronts what can you tell us about what's been happening. while there was a meeting the earlier today of the ukrainian security council where the ukrainian president petro poroshenko tried to explain the reason as to why the ukrainian army was suffering these losses and you know why is it the reason he put forward was that two of the battalions had deserted the irony however is that when you talk about desertion it's actually the soldiers themselves in a families who accuse the government and their commanders of desert movie role at the moment when the ukrainian army is at an all time low. as the fighting intensifies and anti-government forces close in
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a call for hope goes on on food reinforcements will track ukrainian troops also incoming it's not the first time kiev soldiers feel about. let me go native. women with the rebel units throughout. from a book club i'm sure you were mostly well across the park women would say always look for the woman response go you see i was when i was little i'm over there in the present for whatever reason watching and i really. like yelling at the end of eilat yet they demand that i look out of the middle and over the look at that i just love when i look at it with the jewel of a couple of the band and all but. it's a far cry from the tough talk of ukrainian president petro poroshenko talking of a strong country and strong army instead its young and often inexperienced soldiers as suggested by an alleged conversation between a commander and
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a tank soldier leaked online. why was the love was there was was was was there was a price was there was frustration is growing among the troops that will this new president if there's such i think that you will have to go with the political dissidents that still live in so they families and it must. be enlightening and demanded i mean. it was you think when you got it it was a chance like running it you know you did not and the government or the head of the interior ministry is locking horns with the need of the radical nationalist white sect a group which is taking part in the fighting in the country ceased if our demands
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are not met we'll be forced to withdraw our battalions from the front line and launch a march on to kiev to carry out speedy reforms in the interior ministry. yarrow with your bragging you have deceived people who you led into illegal armed units you were turning the people who believed you into cannon porter meanwhile losses on the battlefield are mounting and here in the center of the near the ukrainian military defeat is on show the message is more than just symbolic a bad omen for the ukrainian soldiers encircled by self-defense forces in the region of jeanette's who fighting not only for their lives but for an army that they are accusing of betraying them and leaving them to die policy r.t. eastern ukraine or today's rhetoric coming out of care of a sparked a media frenzy we'll have the details and some live analysis of the blame game after this short break.
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differently here in syria. many of the members of congress of both parties have gone to syria in recent months. which is diddy's told. to go. to syria you really. think they got america out of the depression with the securities act of thirty three thirty four door a law and order to wall street it wasn't doing repricing that nothing to do our very little doing going into world war two it was bringing down oil or what's happened in europe the disintegration. of the wild west mentality of letting
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a bank like goldman sachs totally. welcome back all the accusations flying in kiev and being backed by nato they block senior officers warned of well than a thousand russian troops operating that they stopped short of revealing what exactly the mounting evidence the book claims to have these of moscow's direct involvement in the conflict and the mood has been probably picked up by the media headlines ringing the alarm over the alleged invasion by moscow and joining me now long from new york and media analysts from global vision incorporated as done deal schechter. it's been quite a day an awful lot happening this big confusing rhetoric from kiev because first of all we heard them crying foul over
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a possible and alleged invasion they call an emergency meeting of the un security council that's been taking place and then within hours you've got president poroshenko offering to perform a joint patrol of the border with russia it seems quite inconsistent how do you make that add up. well you know any every journalist likes to know what are the facts here can we determine actually what is happening and instead what we see here you know our claims which do not seem to have underlying facts as a consequence the president of ukraine is calling this an invasion many the said well i'm not calling it invasion it's you know sort of an incursion or there are troops here but there's been very little evidence of that there was one really remarkable image that i saw of. a soldier who's in the ukrainian army and he said i believe that there are russian troops there he said but can i prove it and then he put his finger up like this zero i can't prove it so
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there's seems to be. a narrative that's fighting to be born here with no facts that at least are convincing to to prove it namely that the there is a russian invasion going on and of course everyone is acting as if there is nato is having a big meeting and they're acting as if it is the new york times and other news outlets are basically suggesting that it is all those some of the reporters who've run grainy pictures of seoul russian soldiers in the east of the ukraine with the very same very same journalists that you know had images of the w m d's in iraq years ago that turned out not to be true so this is a lot of propaganda here if you will and certainly very little of facts like i keep feeling that i'm watching a rerun of the movie wag the dog where you know
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a pretext is created for a war based on you know kind of hollywood techniques i don't see how do you know if it's true show me that's home prove it that saw or not to my knowledge at this. recent meeting of the u.n. security council just today there was no proof really produced there was no documentation you got to remember that this area is now subjected to high level surveillance by satellites and by all kinds of technology so you would imagine that if the united states was able to come up with quote facts on the ground or proof they would they would cite it they would show it but they haven't yet and that's what makes some of this very suspicious and certainly has taken an informed debate and made it a speculative debate. i just want to pick up on a couple of the main things that you mentioned a lack of evidence as you see it and also the role of the media in this whole thing
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the u.n. as it has said that it cannot prove that there are russian troops in ukraine so we consistently see the media outlets more than happy to report allegations why do you think the media is so keen to do that without any evidence. i mean as an american i keep flashing back to the cuban missile crisis where the united states produced satellite images of russian rockets on cuban soil and they were then you know withdrawn by the then soviet union you know if you will proof was presented here what we have are lots of claims and let's lots of charges you know the samantha power who's known for her very credible writing about human rights is calling the russians liars but she's not providing a credible alternative narrative and you know and that's what's scary here is that people that you want to or at least i would like to be able to believe i really
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have to be very skeptical about and i think the american people are skeptical and certainly people in the rest of the world who find this extremely difficult to follow and then to have the ukrainian president say oh wait a minute why don't our soldiers and their soldiers just jointly patrol the border you know as if there is this relationship of trust that you know is there it sounds crazy to me and i'm sure it sounds crazy to a lot of people. very interesting that your thoughts thanks for joining us from new york that's done you'll schecter author and media analyst from global vision incorporated. senior u.s. officials say that they are tracking around three hundred americans now believed to be fighting with islamic state militants in syria and iraq washington fears that they will pose a huge risk to u.s. security if they return a new skills learned in war zones to carry out attacks at home it comes after a thirty three year old american who had joined the ranks of the jihad this was
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confirmed dead by his family douglas mccain was killed over the weekend in syria while fighting members of another government group on each account reports now from washington. the u.s. president has diagnosed the islamic state rooting out a cancer why geisel won't be easy and won't be quick many are asking if the cancer could have been caught at an earlier stage when these lawmakers stage group as part of the syrian opposition was gaining momentum in the country and when rich donors in gulf states were funding and arming the group but until recently the west seemed more preoccupied with toppling the syrian president we will work with like minded states to support the syrian opposition to hasten the day when assad falls but the european union has agreed to bring to an end they arms embargo on the syrian opposition we are constantly consulting with the opposition on how they can get
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organized so that. they're not splintered and divided in the face of the onslaught from the assad regime for years the white house tried to present a picture of the syrian opposition as consisting of quote former farmers and teachers some within the intelligence community had a really big red flag that was alarming the administration and elected officials that the problem in syria was bigger than anybody anticipated but the problem is that the elected officials chose to have a moment of dumb and dumber and hear what they wanted to hear so you had john mccain patrolling the streets of aleppo thinking that supporting the insurgents was a good idea one thing the west perhaps failed to see was the blurred lines between the moderate and the radical groups within the syrian opposition and isis until very recently was part of a broad sunni group in syria that was being supplied by the united states the
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extremist group makes use of modern technologies like no other radical organization they even use of valence drones to plan attacks on the syrian military the question arises whether the you. his misjudged the scale of extremism in syria as it focused all efforts on bringing down the syrian government you know so much cooperation all the help you got for america being with us. for free they lost in iraq they lost nothing to spend their lives in sybil's or charlotte when they come if you're waiting for them we should take more money from them than let these let me state group is now cheering about all the arms and money that they have seized both in iraq and in syria isis sympathizers are posting pictures on twitter in the us cities with a message saying we are in your street one thing that is typical of isis is this vicious sense of humor if you will they are big fans of social media and they have
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been using all the west can offer to spread what president obama called cancer in washington i'm going to check on party. they with his mikes and stacy the next bust in the bank is in the concert with force. no a famous politician is tweeting that a foreign government is using excessive force against protesting citizens does this mean we're going to see yet another intervention to democratise their government into the dirt like in iraq or libya wait wait nothing is going to happen because that politician is russian but why is this so why can the police beat up or terrorize protesters in some countries but in others if you lift one finger you're going to get a nato lesson in human rights well the answer is simple this tweet and any attempts
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to intervene from do a member of what happened because unlike what they tell you in school might does it make right for young uns out there old grandpa kirby remembers the cold war and back when there were two great powers they had to at least behave well to woo people into believing that one side were the good guys now that's all gone the problem is they mano polar world that we live in heck if the us still had to deal with soviet or some other propaganda we would never see as much footage of flagrant police misconduct that we do now absolute power corrupts absolutely and the geo political monopoly that we all live in really isn't good for the average person in or outside of america especially if they want to protest but that's just my opinion .
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